Monday, March 30, 2009


something good needs to happen to this one soon or it'll be abandoned

getting the other kid to look like this one will be a challenge- monoprint is a delicate technique, not easy to get the same effect. need to think of an oil paint additive that would make it thicker. wax medium? japan dryer?
the boxes with the rooms need either to be more separate from each other or from the background- been messing around with different possibilities to shitty results. maybe a fresh, suntanned eye will find the answer- till after florida!

Friday, March 20, 2009


little less creepy, perhaps.

boring version of this new one, redrawing the kids and figuring out good colors, they need to stand out more. thinking about putting a floor plan layout in the background maybe with some dotted lines to show where they're running, woodgrain not cutting it, not even close. does need something there though. maybe i'll post the old version. nope, too embarrassing,

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

didnt post pic last time

minor changes

altered that one slightly- my backspace button seems to be on the fritz- changed some tones using pshop brushes that later'll be replaced with ink wash. trying to use the pshop tools as sparingly as possible to create the work- mostly to combine preexisting elements. as i'm using this thing mostly as a note to self space for my art plans (writing on library receipts not cuttin it anymore) i'm planning on re-doing #s 5,6,&8 of this shitty book. also, cut out pieces of paper and either scan them or photograph(could look cool) as opposed to filling in blocks of color in pshop. and on #5 remember to use your own dimensions for the composition, don't stick to the original size as it doesnt work for shit with that image. also take liberties with the drawing, maybe the hatted kid should be jumping up higher from the couch and little kid have more interaction with bed. dont forget do draw borders for the individual boxes, maybe plan out ahead of time if theyll be angled- don't do it in pshop. maybe each box could have its own color scheme do separate them more clearly

Monday, March 16, 2009

about that thing below this

so the top image is a new version of the old one, which is on the bottom (that middle was an early, timid attempt to fix it up).
top one's a work in progress. next time i work on it: make the kid look less like a corpse. maybe more color in that face?

re-do caught you

this is one of eight images from a kids book i illustrated, i rushed the project and the result is a pretty lame book. but now i know what not to do next time. so i'm re-doing this thing.